Review: JDB Lightning and Micro USB Cable


The JDB Lightning/Micro USB cable came well packaged in a plastic box with a plastic molded insert. Listed on the front and rear of the package is all of the compatible Apple devices but it fails to mention anywhere that it is also compatible with micro USB devices which I found odd.

The cable is fairly flexible with only a little bit of memory and features what feels like a thick sheathing for protection. The ends are molded plastic with molded strain reliefs that should help add some life to the cable. The best part of this cable is that it is a micro USB charging cable with an attached Lightning adapter. The cable had no problems charging every device I tried at their rated speeds.

The JDB Charge and Sync cable is well made and extremely versatile. If you are interested in purchasing one, it can be found here.

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Review: Skiva USBLink Lightning Cable

The Skiva USBLink Lightning cable came packaged in an anti-static bag with warranty and support information. The cable is heavy duty but remains very flexible. The ends are molded and feature decent strain reliefs. All connectors fit very snug and are well constructed.

At just over 3 feet long it is the perfect cable for every day use whether you are charging your device at home or in the car, syncing it with iTunes, or connecting it to a portable battery pack.

With its solid construction and a one year warranty, I highly recommend this cable.


Review: Gowiss Backpack


The Gowiss backpack is extremely compact and able to be folded completely inside of its own inner pocket. Once unfolded it looks like any other backpack as far as shape is concerned but is much lighter than most thanks to its lightweight yet durable material. The straps are fully adjustable and should have no problems fitting anyone from a kid to an average sized adult easily.


Thanks to its numerous pockets it is easy to organize things in this backpack. All pockets feature waterproof zippers that do a great job of keeping the water out.

If you are looking for a lightweight backpack that is small but will still hold quite a bit at a decent price, I highly recommend this one.


Review: Audiosharp AS1128 Headphones

The Audiosharp AS1128 headphones came well packaged in a compressed cardboard box with a magnetic door. Once the door is opened it reveals the headphones in a molded plastic display with a calm shell style zipper case below them. Also included with the headphones and case are 3 different size ear tips, a users manual, cable clip, headphone/mic splitter cable, and a break in disk.


The body of the headphones are made of plastic and metal and feel very well made. Going down the flat cable you will find a small plastic piece housing the mic and a single button on the right cable. This single button can be uses to play, pause, answer a call, or end a call depending on the circumstance with a single click. A double click will skip to the next track when listening to music. The plug is compact and well built with gold plating on the tip and a sturdy strain relief for the cable.


As for output these headphones get plenty loud without the need for an amp. The sound quality is much better than expected with a very flat response except for a slight emphasis on the higher frequencies. The bass is very precise and controlled and the mids are spot on. These headphones easily sound as good as pairs I have that cost 3 or 4 times as much.

For the price of these headphones you simply can not go wrong. They are built well and sound very good.

I received this item at a discount in exchange for an HONEST review.


Review: Audiosharp AS1217 Headphones


The Audio Sharp AS1217 Headphones came packaged inside of the included case in a plastic bag. I would have proffered they be packaged in a cardboard box but that doesn’t stop them from being decent headphones. The included case is a zipper clam shell style case made of a carbon fiber like material. Also included with the headphones are 3 different size ear tips and a small piece of velcro to manage the cable.

The body of the headphones are metal with the logos on the back with left and right printed on the top. The connector is plastic with a gold plated tip. The cable has a transparent jacket and looks very nice with plastic strain reliefs at each end. Overall I would say the headphones have an OK build quality and they look better than they are made.

The sound quality from the headphones is better than the look and build. At this price point they sound great. They are relatively flat, with great detail in the upper frequencies but slightly muddy bass. Thankfully you will not find add bass or bloated highs like some many other headphones on the market.

For the price these are great headphones that like nice and sound even better. If you take care of them and store them in the case they should last a long time but I would not recommend these for rough conditions or to wear while working out.

If you are interested in purchasing these items they can be found here.


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