The MagCase Pro is PITAKA’s latest product in there Mag line.  This line of products focuses around the ability to quickly and easily mount your phone or wallet using magnets.  They have products for the home and car to mount them.  The MagCase Pro is the more robust version of their phone case and features the same aramid fiber as their orther products.  aramid not only looks great, but is also light and very strong.  Their previous cases were geared towards people looking for a lightweight and minimal case while the Pro version somewhat keeps this approcach but does not hold back when it comes to protection.  The MagCase Pro utilizes numerous techniques to achieve this.  As mentioned before it is partially made of aramid which makes the case rigid while keeping its weight down.  The sides are made of a firm rubber like material that holds its shape but also provides cushion.  All corners feature nice bumpers and air pockets internally to absorb impact.  The back of the case is lined in felt to protect the phone.  Everything about this case screams protection and quality.  Please refer to the pictures below comparing it to the MagCase for the iPhone X. If you are interested in purchasing this case and would like to receive up to 15% off until June 10th, you can do so here.

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