Off road lights for vehicles are a little out of the norm as far as what I typically review, but these lights by Isincer do use the latest in LED technology.  They are constructed of aluminum with glass lenses which will hold up much better than the competing lights that are plastic.  They include mounting hardware and unfortunately do not include any directions.  If you have ever installed any vehicle lights this will not be an issue though.  The mounting mechanism provides plenty of adjust ability and should accommodate just about any situation.

These lights only draw 72W of power which is very minimal given the light output.  I would estimate the light from these are around 6000K or pure white with just a very slight hint of blue.  This color is very pleasing to the eye and does a great job of reflecting off of objects.  I am currently using these lights as fog lights which is working great.  I had to angle them down some to keep light out of oncoming traffic but the lights still manage to throw light 60+ feet to the left and right of the car, making them awesome for night driving on back roads.

Only time will tell if these lights will last, but so far I am very impressed but their build quality and light output, especially given their low price.

If you are interested in purchasing these lights, they can be found here:

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