The Ikos Bluetooth Headphones are neckband style and include two different size ear tips, a short charging cable, and a brief user manual.  They are extremely light at just under one ounce which helps they remain comfortable.  They are also very flexible which makes storage simple.  The headphones utilize Bluetooth version 4.2 which helps extend the range out to 30 feet which in my test held true for line of sight.  Overall range was slightly above average.  Battery life is rated at five hours and I was actually able to squeeze almost six hours out of them on numerous occasions.

Using the Ikos headphones as a headset worked great throughout my experience and I had no complaints from people on the other end of the call.  The headphones get plenty loud and sound quality is decent with a slight bump in bass and a roll off in the upper frequencies.

Overall this is a nice set of Bluetooth headphones.  They are comfortable, durable, have good range, and sound decent, all at an affordable price.

If you are interested in these headphones, they can be found here.

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