In the electronic world you often see brands that you may not recognize and often those products are average or sometimes even no good at all. On occasion you will find a product the goes beyond all expectations. In this case the Lasmex C45 headphones are far better than I expected. First off, the included case is very well made and compact. The included manual is thorough and easy to follow. The headphones include a cable with built in mic and controls and a straight cable with no controls or mic. Both cables are very high quality with metal connectors. The headphones themselves have aluminum ear cups with plush leatherette padding as well as a padded headband that is not only comfortable but very flexible and durable. In fact the headband is almost as flexible as my Bose QC35 headphones which is mind blowing.

As for sound these headphones shine. Sound output is average for on ear headphones while the sound remains mostly flat with just a slight bump in the higher frequencies. Sound remains smooth and precise even at high volumes. These headphones easily put many other more expensive pairs to shame as far as sound quality. For fun, I connected these to a small CMoy BB headphone amp which made them sound even better.

Overall I am highly impressed with the build quality, accessories, and most importantly sound quality of these headphones. I can not recommend these enough.

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