The SoundCore Boost is one of Anker’s latest Bluetooth speakers which combines all of their previous technologies with some new.  The speaker is rated IPX5 water resistant and is finished in a soft touch rubber and cloth.  The appearance is simple and elegant.  It is average sized for a Bluetooth speaker and will easily slip into a bag to carry with you.  Across the top you will find the usual Power/Pairing, minus, Plus, and Play/Pause buttons along with one Labeled UP, more on that later.  Also on top are four LED battery lights and a labeled NFC receiver to make for easy Bluetooth pairing with compatible devices.  On the left side is flap that opens to reveal a 1/8″ auxiliary input, a micro-USB charging port, and a USB type A port to charge your phone or other device.  This USB port provides 5200mAh of juice and utilizes Anker’s Power IQ technology to charge your device as fast as possible regardless of what it is.  The front, back, and right side are covered in black cloth and the bottom is bare other than some small rubber feet and product information.

Turning the speaker on and paring my phone to it was extremely easy and worked just as most other Bluetooth devices do.  Once paired, the first thing I did was load my favorite playlist on my phone and cranked it to max, because why not hear all 20W it has to offer.  Surprisingly the speaker got very loud with absolutely no distortion.  To accomplish this magic, Anker has incorporated some dynamic equalization.  Most noticeable is a slight reduction in bass and high frequencies at high volume or the use of compression to boost sounds that are not as hard on the drivers.  This results in sound that is still fairly good but crystal clear where other speakers would be screaming for mercy.  This is not overdone like on other speakers I have tested such as the Bose SoundLink Mini II which has almost zero bass at max volume.  Since we are talking about bass, this where that UP button from earlier comes into play.  All my bass lovers out there, you will love this speaker and that UP button.  At low volumes the BassUp technology from Anker makes the speaker sound much more full and larger than it really is.  At mid volume bass lovers will rejoice at how much this little speaker can thump.  As the volume approaches max, the dynamic equalization starts to kick in and the bass slowly fades which is to be expected.  Overall sound is full and flat in a good way.  I would expect this quality from a speaker costing much more.

Thanks to the BassUp technology the SoundCore Boost is hands down the best sounding low volume Bluetooth speaker I have heard to date.  At mid volumes with BassUp off the sound quality is among the best and pressing that UP button makes it jump far ahead of all others in its class in the bass department.  At high volumes it gets crazy loud and is one of the clearest Bluetooth speakers I have tested.  On top if this great sound the battery consistently lasts over 12 hours and the Bluetooth range that is rated at 66ft is just crazy good.  Prior to this speaker the Bose SoundLink Mini II had the best range in my real world test in my house, the SoundCore Boost beats it by about 5 feet.  It also comes with an 18 month warranty.  Thanks to all these positive attributes it is now my favorite Bluetooth speaker of the over 50 I have tested, pushing the Specter AQSTIX (See my review here) into second place which is a more expensive speaker.  Needless to say Anker has hit a home run with the SoundCore Boost and will have a tough time beating it.

If you are interested in purchasing the Anker SoundCore Boost it can be found here.

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