I normally do not use a case as I feel they take away from the feel and functionality of the phone. Also, many of them are bulky and within a few months need replaced because they start getting wore out. I have tried other minimal cases in the past that were made of plastic but they always felt cheap, didn’t fit well, or I didn’t find them protective enough to warrant even being there. The Pitaka case on the other hand is just awesome. It is so light that I am unable to notice any difference in weight. The thickness added to the phone is as minimal as possible and I have already dropped the phone on blacktop in which the phone survived with no issues and the case has no more than a very minor scuff.  The inclusion of a tempered glass screen protector is nice as well. Overall I am very impressed with this case and cannot recommend it enough.

If you are interested in one of these cases it can be found here.

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