In a world that is going wireless cell phone companies continue to provide wired ear buds with their phones.  Also, many circumstances require the use or are more suited for wired earbuds.  That being said, I decided to compare some of the most popular ear buds as well as an inexpensive new comer to see how well they perform.  The four sets being compared include Apple Ear Pods, Samsung (included with the Galaxy S7), Bose SoundSport, and PWOW BYZ.  To summarize my findings please see the table below.

HeadphoneBassMidsTrebleClaritySound StageIsolationLow Volume SQMid Volume SQHigh Volume SQOutputBuild QualityAccessoriesTotal

As you can see, Bose is the overall winner, but after that the other three contenders came in pretty close to one another.  Each one has its different strengths and weaknesses, but aside from the Bose, I believe you will get a similar overall experience from the other three.  While the Bose set is not a direct competitor to the other three, comparing them with the Bose puts things into perspective.

If you are looking to replace or upgrade your set of stock earbuds going with something similar will most likely result in equal or better results per this comparison.  If you are looking for an upgrade, the Bose SoundSports make for a great replacement if you are a fan of the bud style headphones.  The headphones in this comparison can be purchased at the links below:

PWOW, Apple, Samsung, Bose

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