The SPECTER EFITZ are among many in the crowded wireless headphone market and at nearly $100 they are right at the competitive price point of many of the “big” name headphone makers.  All of that being said, what sets the EFITZ apart from the others?

Prior to a few months ago I had never heard of SPECTER or any of their products, but viewing their website I quickly discovered they are serious about their products, at least on paper.  As always, I was skeptical of their claims which for the EFITZ include IP7 water resistance, premium noise isolation, 10 hour battery life, and dynamic sound thanks to Qualcomm’s aptX technology.  These are bold claims and certainly put them in competition with all the other headphone makers so I was happy to get my hands on them for testing.

Included with the headphones are five different size ear tips, a short charging cable, cable clip, and a very nice user manual.  Build quality on the EFITZ is great with plastic and rubber construction, strain reliefs at all cable end points, and even aluminum on the outside of the ear pieces.  The control unit is located a few inches down the cable on the right hand side and is a little on the chunky side compared to other headphones I have used.  The control unit houses the usual buttons, charging port, mic, etc, all of which are easy to use and work very well.  Thanks to the giant soft ear hooks, the headphones do a great job of staying in place and remaining comfortable.

After charging the headphones and spending some time finding the right size ear tips I was excited to give the headphones a try.  First off, they have great output and should please even the most demanding listener.  My initial impression was that the headphones sounded much larger than they are.  The sound reminded me of many on ear headphones but with much better noise isolation.  After a few hours of casual listening I started critically listening to some of my usual test music and again I was amazed by how large the sound stage was for in ear wireless headphones.  Sound quality overall is among some of the best I have heard from Bluetooth headphones.  Like many modern headphones they have a slight bump in both bass and treble but it is not overdone like on many other headphones.  The overall sounds is clear, precise, and controlled.  Even on complex tracks I was able to pick out each individual instrument.  The only time I heard any distortion was at near max volume which is understandable.  Something else to note about the EFITZ is the almost silent noise floor.

Using the headphones for calls worked extremely well.  I did not have a single person complain about the way I sounded or that they could not hear me.  Callers always sounded clear and often times better than using just my phone.  Controls for both music and calls are easy to figure out and the buttons are easy to find while in use.  The claimed 10 hour battery life was pretty accurate in my testing, and as for the IP7 rating, even though I would not recommend it, they survived being submersed in water for a few minutes with no issues even days later.

Overall the EFITZ are a great set of Bluetooth headphones.  Are they as good as a wired set like SPECTER’s website claims….no, but they are a solid attempt at the near impossible feat.  My only real complaint about the headphones is that I wish they included some type of case as that would complete the package.  At the end of the day I would happily recommend the EFITZ over many of the “big” name brands and can’t wait to try some more of SPECTER’s products.

If you are interested in purchasing the EFITZ you can find them here.

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