The Anker PowerLine II Dura is Anker’s latest attempt at the ultimate charging cable.  It is available in multiple lengths with micro-USB, UCB-C, and Lightning connectors.  The cable is rated to withstand over 12,000 bends and is capable of supporting over 175lbs.  To back up these claims, each cable comes with a lifetime warranty.

My test cable is a one foot Lightning model in black.  While it is not feasible for me to test Anker’s claims, I did my best to put this cable through its paces.  On numerous occasions I tried pulling the ends off, yanking it from the jacks mid cable, bending as hard as possible at the connector, etc, and not once did I experience an issue.  I was also able to test voltage and amperage throughput using a USB multi-meter and the cable performed exactly as it should.

Thanks to its insane build quality and lifetime warranty, it is very easy to recommend this cable.

If you are interested in purchasing this cable it can be found here.

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