In a market full of “Super Special” HDMI cables, it is hard to read through the marketing and find one that is just good.  At the end of the day, HDMI cables are digital interconnects.  This means if the 1s and 0s make it from one end to the other, it will work.  It is also much more difficult for a digital cable to pick up interference when compared to its older analog siblings.  That being said, under most conditions a “high end” HDMI cable will work no better than a cheap one.  So why do these companies go to such great lengths to innovate and introduce better cables?  Overkill is one acceptable answer, but even with little room for error cables can always be made better, more durable, better looking, and more resilient to outside interference, but most of them do it for the money.

The HDMI cable Atevon has created seems to check all the boxes without being over hyped.  It features metal housed, 24K gold connectors at each end of nylon braided oxygen free copper wires that are triple shielded (overkill to the max).  They have used the best materials where it actually matters.  The connectors are made of inexpensive yet durable zinc as apposed to aluminum which is more expensive and in this instance no better.  The 24K connectors should never oxidize or tarnish and the oxygen free cables should work as good as anything else without breaking the bank on silver or dare I say gold wires.  This wonderful constructions looks great, is durable, and helps it meet the latest HDMI standards, providing up to 4K resolutions at 60fps, gigabit networking, 32 audio channels, 3D video, ARC, etc.

If you are looking for an HDMI cable that is durable, will handle anything you throw at it, looks great, and manages to cost less than a meal at a fast food joint, this is the cable for you.  This may even be the best bang for the buck currently available in the cable world.

If you are interested in purchasing the Atevon HDMI cable it can be found here.

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