The ICZI Smart KM Link Cable is designed to transfer files and/or share a keyboard and mouse between two Windows computers, Mac computers, Android device, or any combination thereof.  Included with the five foot cable is an OTG cable for connecting to Android devices, a Velcro strap, and a user manual.  The connector on one end of the cable is larger than usual as it houses the electronics and also acts as a storage device to hold the drivers.

Using the cable is fairly simple, connect both ends to the two devices you would like to work with and install the appropriate software with the help of the html file stored on the cable.  Once completed it works exactly as expected.  Data transfers are unfortunately limited to USB 2.0 speeds or a maximum of 480mbps.  Because of this it works great for sharing a keyboard or mouse but there are much more efficient ways to transfer files on any fairly modern device.  This cable will stay in my tool bag to use in a pinch, but when at all possible I will be using other means to transfer files.

That all being said the cable is built well and easy to use.  I can’t really knock it’s speed as ICZI clearly states those limitations on the packaging and the cable performs exactly as described.

If you are interested in purchasing this cable it can be found here.

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