The KKmoon LED Gaming Mouse Pad is one of many computer items that have recently gotten into the LED craze, because why not.  The mouse pad is constructed mostly of plastic with a metal accent at the cable exit.  The top has a slight texture to help with tracking but is extremely slick.  The bottom of the mouse pad has four rubber feet to keep it securely in place when in use.  LEDs line the perimeter and the color and light pattern can be cycled by pressing the button near the metal accent.

The mouse pad is USB powered and can plug directly into your computer for convenient power.  The LEDs are plenty bright but since they are aimed towards the sides do not become distracting.  When using a Logitech MX Master mouse I had no issues with tracking and the surface felt extremely smooth and precise.  The only thing missing from this mouse pad is a strain relief for people who prefer a wired mouse.

Overall this is a great mouse pad, especially if you are looking for one with LED accents.

If you are interested in purchasing this mouse pad it can be found here.

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