If you have ever wanted to transfer files between two iDevices you know how difficult it can be.  You can send each file via email or plug one device into a computer, copy the files, then plug the second device in to copy the same files from the computer to it.  In many circumstances this just isn’t practical.  This is where the Extragiga, and yes that is the real name, can make thins so much easier.  It is a fairly simple device in that it is nothing more than a traditional USB 3.0 thumb drive with a Apple MFI Certified Lightning connector opposite the traditional USB connector.

Usage is as simple as you would hope.  Simply install the Extragiga app from the App Store and plug the drive in.  From within the app you can Move pictures, videos, music, and recording back and forth between the phone and the drive.  It also gives you the ability to backup and restore contacts.  For security you can even set the app to use Touch ID before gaining access.  When plugging the drive into a computer it acts just like any other thumb drive.  Transfer speeds are a little on the slow side but for a drive in this price range with a lightning connector it performs comparably to others I have used.

Overall the Extragiga drive is built well and easy to use.  It makes moving files between devices much easier than using a computer as a middle man and the ability to use it to back up your media and contacts is more than worth what the drive costs.

If you are interested in purchasing the Extragiga it can be found here.


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