The KKmoon Haoxie Digital LCD Writing Pad is constructed entirely of plastic other than the screen.  The included style snaps into the bottom of the pad for easy storage.  The portion of the device that you can write on is 8.5″ diagonally and about the size of a steno pad.  The LCD is pressure sensitive so you can actually shade your drawings or write more boldly when more pressure is applied.  Once you are done and want to clear the screen you simply press a button at the top of the device to instantly clear it.  The device is powered by a 3V watch battery that is supposed to last  for over a year but only time will tell.

Overall the KKmoon Haoxie DIgital LCD Writing Pad is a handy device that is simple to use and at its low price it makes for the perfect device to leave notes.

If you are interested in this digital writing pad it can be found here.

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