As far as wall chargers go, the Choetech Q3-2U is quite large.  With its size comes some serious power and state of the art safety features.  The Q3-2U features two Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 ports that are backwards compatible allowing them to charge any USB powered device.  The included safety features include thermal protection, short circuit protection, and over charge protection.  To minimize its size the wall prongs fold into the device making it much easier to throw in a bag while traveling.  The charger even comes with an 18 month warranty.  Taking the power and safety features into consideration the size is not bad.

Throughout my testing the charger had no problem charging a QC 3.0 and QC 2.0 device simultaneously.  I also tested the charger on some older devices that only require 1A to charge and it worked perfectly.  Having one charger that can charge two devices with the latest charging technologies at the same time is very convenient.  While I do wish it were a little smaller, it is not large enough to really be of concern.

If you are interested in this charger it can be found here.

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