The Cellbee Wave Bluetooth Headphones are among many in the over crowed sport headphone market.  The immediate turn on for these headphones over others is the low price compared to the promised features, but can they deliver?  Included with the Wave’s are three different size ear tips, three different size ear hooks, charging cable, storage case, and user manual.

The user manual is brief, to the point, and easy to follow which is a definite plus.  The inclusion of various size ear tips and hooks makes it easy to find a good combo for your ear.  I can not stress enough, how important is to take the time and find the correct ear tips as they can drastically change the sound.  Pairing the waves and general controls are the same as just about every other Bluetooth headphone I have used.  I was able to pair them and get up and running in just a few minutes.  The in-line control is on the left side which many others is on the right.  This took some getting used to but is not a deal breaker.  The controls are hard to find ad first until you get used to the patterns on the buttons.  The rated battery of eight hours for music stood true throughout my testing.  One of my favorite features of the headphones is the ability to answer or decline a call simply by saying yes or no, this should be a feature of every Bluetooth headphone as it is extremely convenient and just works.  I found the built in EQ presets to be nothing short of a gimmick.  The default of “Pop Music” by far sounded the best as the other two options made everything sound muddy and simply seemed to be trying to hard.  Thankfully the headphones go to the default every time you turn them on.  The mic delivered average performance and most people will be satisfied.  As for sound output the Wave’s get unbearably loud so that should not be an issue.  As for sound quality, this will change person to person but you can see my perceived sound signature in the image below.

Imaging was better than expected and for the most part the headphones remained clear.  Occasionally some of the upper bass notes were a little too punchy and upper mids sometimes sounded muddy or stressed.

Overall these headphones are great.  They provide decent sound quality, amazing output, a nice feature set, great battery life, and a one year warranty at a fantastic price.

If you are interested in purchasing the Cellbee Wave’s they can be found here.

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