Anneks_BT_Headphones (1) Anneks_BT_Headphones (2)The Anneks Bluetooth headphones are  behind the head sport style.  Included with the headphones is a short micro-USB charging cable, three different size ear tips, three different size ear hooks, and a user manual.  The earpieces are constructed of plastic.  The right ear piece has a button on the outside for play/pause/answer/end with an LED indicator in the center, volume and track buttons on the top, and a charging port on the bottom.  The unique feature of these headphones is the magnet in the back of them that is used to power them off and on.  If they are stuck together the turn off while pulling them apart turns them on.

The headphones are well made, lightweight, and fairly comfortable.  Like with all in ear style headphones, the most important thing is fitment.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to find the correct size ear tips and ear hooks.  Fitment not only effects how well they stay in and comfort, but also sound.  The Anneks have no problem playing extremely loud while producing little to no distortion.  As for sound quality they do very well for Bluetooth headphones at this price point.  Below you can see my perceived sound signature of them.  The battery lasted just under six hours in my testing which is pretty good for small Bluetooth headphones.

Anneks_BT_Headphones (4)

Overall the Anneks Bluetooth headphones check all the boxes.  They are affordable, sound good, are built well, and include all the necessities.  The magnetic power switch is unique and most of the time a great feature.  I did experience a few times where they separated while in my backpack and ultimately died before I used them.  If you keep this flaw in mind when putting them in a bag it will not be a problem though.

If you are interested in purchasing these headphones they can be found here.

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