Infinilla_5-Port_Charger (2) Infinilla_5-Port_Charger (5) Infinilla_5-Port_Charger (4) Infinilla_5-Port_Charger (3)If you are anything like me you can never get enough charging ports.  Just with my every day carry devices I require four charging ports to keep everything topped off.  The Infinilla 5-Port charger is therefor the perfect travel companion for me as it is the most compact 5-port charger I have used to date.  While it is not the most powerful I have used, it is able to supply up to 8A of charging current at a steady 5V.  It is one of the few chargers I have tested that sits exactly at 5V even when plugging or unplugging devices.  This tells me it is well regulated.  I was able to pull a max of 2.41A from a single port when measured by my USB multi-meter which is spot on for it’s rated power.

Included with the charger is a micro-USB\Lightning universal charging cable and a user manual.  I like that the charger is slim enough to slip into a pocket if need be and that it has one of the most stable voltages of all the chargers I have tested.  The two year warranty that is included is one of the best I have seen as well.  Overall it is a great charger and I highly recommend it.

If you are interested in purchasing this charger it can be found here.

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