E-More_HDMI_Splitter (2)The E-More HDMI Splitter is designed to take one HDMI source and send it to two monitors.  It has an HDMI source cable that includes a USB power cable and two HDMI output ports.  It also features LED indicator lights for source as well as one for each output so that you can know exactly what should be working.  Included with the splitter is a simple user manual.

I was not able to test the splitter above 1080P although it is rated for the full HDMI 1.4 standard which goes up to 4K resolution.  Using the splitter I was able to split a connection from a Blu-ray player to two 1080P displays.  Once the power was connected it was literally plug and play.  I love how easy it is to set up this device and how easy it is to tell when the signal is working thanks to the LED indicators.  Overall this is an easy to use device at a very affordable price.

If you are interested in purchasing this splitter it can be found here.

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