The TeqStone Lens Kit is a universal mobile phone 8 in 1 camera lens kit.  The kit includes a universal lens clip, a carrying pouch, user manual and the following lenses:

1 x 0.65X Macro& Wide Lens
1 x Fisheye Lens 180°
1 x Telephoto Lens 2X
1 x CPL Lens
1 x Super Fisheye Lens 235°& 19X Macro Lens
1 x 0.4X Super Wide Angle Lens

I have provided a sample image with each lens on an iPhone 6S Plus.  The lens clip works fairly well as do most of the lenses.  With one of the lenses I was unable to focus no matter what I tried.  Some of the lenses create black areas in the corners due to the glass being to small for the sensor.  This occurs with many wide angle and fish eye lenses but many of the higher end lenses do not cause this.

Overall this is a pretty well rounded lens kit that has many options to play with.  If you are looking for high end photos you may want to look into lenses with better quality optics but for the average user these lenses will have no problem getting the job done.  My only real gripe is that none of the lenses include lens covers for the rear which makes utilizing the carry pouch a bad idea.

If you are interested in purchasing this lens kit it can be found here.


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