Lustrat_LED_Desk_Lamp (2)Its not often you need a portable desk lamp, but in those rare occasions the Lustrat LED Desk lamp will get the job done.  It is constructed of plastic and folds into a slim elongated rectangle.  When open it can be adjusted from roughly 5* to 180*.  It features the modes to change the color temperature and includes 3000K, 6000K, and 5000K.  All thre modes have roughly the same output and are geared towards reading, studying, and relaxing in that order.  While I find it gimicky to give the different color temperatures names, it is nice to have options so you can choose whichever you prefer.

For most of my use the light remained plugged in on my night stand but I did test the battery a few times and was able to get two to three hours of use out of it.  The lamp has a diffusing cover over the LEDs and provides a nice even light but remains focussed on workable size area.  While it will not light a room it does a great job lighting a desk or being used as a reading light on a night stand.  The only complaints that I could make about the light is that it does not automatically turn off when you close it and that the power button is a little on the sensitive side.  While both of these complaints are very minor I contacted the Lustrat with these suggestions and quickly received a response that they actually plan to address both of the complaints in the next version of the light.

Overall the Lustrat LED desk lamp is made extremely well and produces a nice even light in three different color temperatures.  It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and customer service proved to be very quick to respond.

If you are interested in this desk lamp it can be found here.

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