Infinilla_Surge_Protector (3) Infinilla_Surge_Protector (2)The traditional power strip with four to six outlets is so ten years ago.  In a world where everything is charged by USB, why not just skip the chargers and put the USB ports right on the power strip.  That is exactly what Infinilla has done with their latest surge protector.  The four USB ports are capable of producing 4.6A of total current or up to 2.4A to any single port.  The strip includes protection for power surge, over-heat, overload and over-charging.  The cable leading to the strip is six feet long which is extremely convenient compared to many other strips that have short cables.  The surge protector features soft LED lights to indicate that the USB charging ports are ready to be used.  Included with the surge protector is a user manual, Velcro strips, and a micro-USB\Lightning cable which is a nice bonus.

Throughout my use I had no issues with the surge protector at all.  Even when utilizing all four AC ports and all four USB ports the protector never even got warm.  Using a USB multi-meter I was able to test the output of the USB ports and can confirm the protector produced 2.41A from a single port at a constant 5.1V which is well within spec.  I like that the AC ports are spaced to accommodate those big annoying wall wart chargers.

Overall this is a well made surge protector with many convenient additions to the traditional power strip.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these surge protectors they can be found here.

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