Senso_Stealth_BT_Headphones (2) Senso_Stealth_BT_Headphones (5) Senso_Stealth_BT_Headphones (4) Senso_Stealth_BT_Headphones (3)The Senso Stealth Bluetooth Headphones are an in ear behind the neck design with ear loops for a more reliable fit.  Included with the headphones is a clam shell case, car charger, 3 different size ear tips, cable cinch, micro-USB charging cable, micro-USB\Lightning charging cable, and user guide.  The accessories are all well made and the user guide is well written and thorough.  The inclusion of a car charger and universal charging cable are a very nice inclusion.

As always with any headphone I highly suggest trying different size tips until you find the ones that fit you best as this can drastically change the sound and perceived output of the headphones.  Throughout my initial testing of these headphones I went through all of my usual test tracks and quickly discovered that the Senso Stealth’s get crazy loud, and also distort above half volume regardless of the source, and the overall sound of them is unexciting.  They lack in bass and have a sharp roll off up top.  While listening to music I kept wanting more, just to turn up the volume to distortion and the same lack in bass and muddy highs.  They also emphasize the mid range, which is great for vocals but results in a poor experience when it comes to listening to music.  They do work very well for phone calls and listening to media with heavy vocals such as podcasts and audio books.  Making calls with them was also a good experience thanks to the boost in vocals and one of the better microphones I have tested in this style headphone.  The battery life is consistently over six hours which given their size is dead on for what I would expect.

Overall I was very underwhelmed by the sound quality of these headphones when listening to music.  If you are going to use them for heavy vocal listening they will work great.  The fit is also good which makes them great for working out.  If you are more interested in sound quality I highly recommend looking at the Senso Active headphones as a better alternative.  That being said these are still a great value and in some instances may be exactly what you are looking for.

If you are interested in these headphones they can be found here.

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