Senso_ActivBuds (3) Senso_ActivBuds (2)The Senso ActivBuds utilize an in ear behind the neck design.  The right headphone house the battery, radio, LED indicator, micro-USB charging port, multi-function button, and + and – buttons.  Included with the ActiveBuds is a car charger, micro-USB\Lightning charging cable, micro-USB charging cable, three different size ear tips, clam shell case, and user guide.  All included accessories are made well and the user guide is thorough.  If you have ever used a set of Bluetooth headphones you most likely will not need the user guide.

As always, the first thing you should do with the headphones is experiment with different ear tips until you find the perfect fit.  The ActiveBuds’ are some of the loudest Bluetooth headphones that I have ever used.  Unfortunately they become very distorted at about half volume.  That being said, if you feel the need to have them any louder, you may have larger problems to be concerned with.  As for sound quality below half volume they have a big bump in the upper bass frequencies but otherwise remain fairly flat with just a slight bump and then smooth roll off up top.  People that are fans of Beats headphone or who prefer EDM and rap\hip-hop will most likely enjoy the sound signature of these headphones.  As for the built in microphone and noise cancellation these headphones do an awesome job.  Battery life is also a strong point as I was not able to kill them in a full work day.  Fit is also phenomenal and these will work great for working out.

Overall the Senso ActivBuds are well made, easy to use, and perform well.  If Senso would simply turn down the gain some on the internal amplifier these may just be one of the best Bluetooth headphones under $50.

If you are interested in purchasing the Senso ActivBuds they can be found here.

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