The GDEALER LED string light is 33ft long and consists of 100 LEDs with copper colored wiring.  Also included with the string light is a solar power supply, ground steak, and manual.  The lights come with a manual but they are extremely easy to set up even without one.  Simply leave the lights outside where the solar power supply can be in the sun for a day or so and the lights will easily stay lit overnight.

To do my initial testing of these lights I set them up on my deck still coiled up.  These LEDs are much brighter than I expected.  They will easily light a small room still coiled up and if strung across the ceiling would light a decent size area.  The lights are waterproof so they could be used to light the underside of an umbrella which is what I plan to do.  The RGB LEDs stay lit in a random mix of colors.  Overall this is a well made kit that is easy to set up.

If you are interested in purchasing these lights they can be found here.

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