ROCSUN_Voice_Recorder (5) ROCSUN_Voice_Recorder (4) ROCSUN_Voice_Recorder (3) ROCSUN_Voice_Recorder (2)The ROCSUN Digital Voice Recorder is constructed entirely of plastic.  Included with the recorder is a mini-USB cable, lapel mic, ear buds, phone tap, short phone cable, 3.5mm audio cable, and user manual.  The recorder has 8GB of storage which allows for up to 16 hours of recording time.  At less than 5oz. and smaller than many phone chargers it is very easy to carry in your pocket or tuck away in a bag.  The device features stereo microphones, a speaker, active noise canceling, and multiple recording formats.

Throughout my testing the stereo microphones did a surprisingly good job of picking up my voice.  While they do not have the dynamic range of high end microphones they did a great job of picking up my voice even from a few feet away.  The built in speaker is surprisingly loud and is great for quickly checking a recording.  While the included ear buds are not that great the ability to use headphones to review recordings is a nice touch that many recorders leave out.  The multiple options of cables and recording sources made available by them is nice to see with a recorder at this price.  I found the included microphone to not be sensitive enough and often resulted in muffled recordings.  I used another microphone I already had and it worked well.

Overall the ROCSUN recorder is a nice compact recorder capable of recording at good quality.  The included accessories while being a nice bonus are not all that great.  While I recommend the recorder, I would be prepared to buy better quality accessories.

If you are interested in purchasing this recorder it can be found here.

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