Vtin_Rugged_Bluetooth_Speaker (1) Vtin_Rugged_Bluetooth_Speaker (2) Vtin_Rugged_Bluetooth_Speaker (3) Vtin_Rugged_Bluetooth_Speaker (5)Of the many Bluetooth speakers I have used the Vtin Royaler has remained my favorite for sometime.  When I heard that Vtin created a rugged version of this speaker I was excited to try it.  Compared to the Royaler the Punker speaker is similar in size but thankfully only about half of the weight.  It is constructed mostly of aluminum and a rubber like material with plastic accents.  The Punker utilizes the same drivers, passive radiator, and 20W amp as the Royaler but gets a 400mAh bump in battery bringing it to a total of 4400mAh.  It has a micro-USB charging port and aux input located on the side and is covered by a splash proof cover.  It is IPX4 rated which means it will servive being splashed and getting wet so long as it is not submerged.  Included with the Punker is a micro-USB charging cable, aux cable, carabiner,   and user manual.

The Punker is built tough with rubber at all contact points to help it survive a drop.  The splash proof rating makes the speaker perfect for using out doors.  Before listening to the Punker I had high hopes that it would sound as good as the Royaler with the added benefits of its rugged design.  After quite a bit of listening I can say that the Punker is now my second favorite Bluetooth speaker.  It doesn’t quite keep up with the Royaler in the sound quality department which is most likely because the Royaler has a much heavier enclosure.  The Punker does get a little louder though and is still a fantastic sounding speaker.  It handles the highs pretty well and has a smooth midrange.  Thanks to the two large speakers, giant passive radiator, and 20W amp the Punker has amazing bass given its size.

Overall the Punker is a great attempt at making an awesome speaker more rugged.  While I wish it sounded as good as the Royaler, it still manages to impress people.  This speaker will stay in my collection and will be used outside where I would typically take the Royaler.  If you need a rugged Bluetooth speaker that is made well and has a one year warranty, I highly suggest the Vtin Punker.

Here is my review of the Vtin Royaler.

If you are interested in purchasing the Punker it can be found here.

One thought on “Review: Vtin Punker Bluetooth Speaker

  1. I’m sure this is way too late to expect a response, but it’s worth a try.

    Between the Royaler and the Punker, which has the sweeter highs?
    Been using a Punker for over a year, but it has failed at the usb port. I actually really like the sound. I use it for watching Netflix and Youtube, in bed, and find the sound to be pretty balanced and non-fatiguing; certainly much better sounding than the blown-out mids and bass of the Tribit MaxSound Plus I got to replace it.

    I’m not looking for more bass than the Punker, although maybe a bit more extension wouldn’t hurt. Just wondered if the Royaler perhaps had a bit more of a forward, more exciting, sound.


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