aLLreLi_M515_Gamin_Mouse (2) aLLreLi_M515_Gamin_Mouse (5) aLLreLi_M515_Gamin_Mouse (4) aLLreLi_M515_Gamin_Mouse (3)The aLLreLi M515 gaming mouse is an affordable yet feature packed mouse.  It is constructed mostly of plastic and therefore a little on the light side.  It features six buttons in total including the tradition left and right buttons, forward and back thumb buttons, DPI button, and a clickable scroll wheel.  The scroll wheel has a rubber coating which feels nice when scrolling.  The DPI button allows you to switch between five different sensitivities ranging from 1000 to 4000 DPI.  The USB cable is nylon braided and has a gold plated connector.  The included software allows you to customize the functionality of all six buttons as well as create and save macros as well as save five different modes.

If you are left handed this mouse is not for you as it is shaped ergonomically for a right handed person.  I have small hands and the scroll wheel is a bit of a stretch for me on this mouse but after using it for a while I was able to adjust.  The thumb buttons are very well placed and are nice and clicky.  The left and right buttons also have a nice tactile click.  The ability to quickly switch DPI is a nice touch especially when gaming or editing videos and photos.  The built in LEDs add some flash to the looks and can be turned off via a switch on the bottom of the mouse if the lights are not your style.

Overall the aLLreLi M515 is a well made, feature packed mouse, at a great price.  If you are looking for a gaming mouse on a budget the M515 fits the bill.

If you are interested in the M515 it can be found here.

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