HOLDPEAK_Thermometer (2) HOLDPEAK_Thermometer (5) HOLDPEAK_Thermometer (4) HOLDPEAK_Thermometer (3)If you have ever needed to find the temperature of an object this is the perfect tool to do just that.  The HOLDPEAK Non-Contact Thermometer uses infrared technology to measure the temperature of an object without even touching it.  It has an easy to read back-lit LCD display that will show the temperature as well as battery status.  Included with the thermometer is a 9V battery as well as a user manual.

The thermometer has a built in laser that can be turned on or off that will let you know exactly where it is reading the temperature of an object.  It also has peak hold functionality which is nice if you are trying to find the hottest or coldest temperature of an object.   Throughout my testing I found the thermometer to be fairly accurate.  The best feature is the built in laser, especially when working in a tight area.  Overall this is a great tool at an even better price.

If you are interested in purchasing this thermometer it can be found here.

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