GlobalStore_H3_Headphones (1) GlobalStore_H3_Headphones (4) GlobalStore_H3_Headphones (3) GlobalStore_H3_Headphones (2)The GlobalStore H3 headphones are a behind the neck style with in line controls on the right side.  The ear portion is constructed of plastic and is supposedly coated in a nano coating that makes them sweat proof wand water resistant.  The right earpiece has a LED indicator on the front of it and a micro_USB port on the back for charging.  The inline control is well sized with very clicky tactile buttons.  The button arrangement is standard with a + button for increasing volume and slipping tracks forward, a – button for decreasing volume and skipping tracks back, and a multi-function button that can be used to play/pause/answer/end and put the headphones in pairing mode.  The headphones feature Bluetooth 4.1 with EDR, CVC 6.0 noise canceling, and a vibration motor for notifications.  Included with the headphones are four different size ear tips, two different size ear loops, a short charging cable, and user manual.

The first thing to do with this style headphone is to determine the correct ear tip and ear loops that should be used for a proper fit.  Skipping this step could lead to poor sound quality or a lack of output as well as discomfort.  When it comes to output the H3’s fall short to many of its competitors.  While they get plenty loud for most situations I found myself wishing for more on a few occasions.  The microphone and noise canceling of the H3’s was on par with what I would expect from this style headphone.  As far as sound quality their is a noticeable focus on bass, but not to the point that it sounded out of place and the more I listen to them the more I like the slight emphasis on bass.  The mid range is spot on and their is a slight bump in the lower portion of high frequencies before rolling off around 12k hertz.  This sound may not be for everyone but most rap and EDM songs take advantage of these traits for a fun listening experience.  If you are looking for audiophile sound these are not for you but they do not sound bad.  Battery life is just over five hours which I feel is plenty for this style headphone but longer battery life is always welcome.

Overall the H3’s are a decent set of headphones with a plain and simple design.  They are easy to use, have a pleasant sound signature, and decent battery life.  They are definitly worth considering if you are in the market for Bluetooth headphones.

If you are interested in purchasing the GlobalStore Bluetooth headphones they can be found here.

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