Euffy_Lumos_A3 (2) Euffy_Lumos_A3 (3) Euffy_Lumos_A3 (4) Euffy_Lumos_A3 (5)The Eufy Lumos A3 is one of the first products being released from Anker through their new sister company Eufy.  Eufy’s products focus on simplifying home and wellness products.  The Lumos A3 is a full size LED desk lamp capable of producing four color temperatures of light and five different brightness levels for each color temperature.  It is constructed of a hard glossy plastic (which is a fingerprint magnet), has a weighted base, built in PowerIQ charging port, and a ton of adjust-ability.

The light arrived well packaged in two pieces and came with a power adapter and user manual.  Assembly was easy and no tools were required.  I decided to use the light on my night stand in place of another LED lamp I have been using.  The light rotates on the base, pivots just above the base, pivots at the peak, and the light rotates, allowing you to adjust the light any way you would like.  Between the base and the pivoting point you will find the controls angled at 45* from the base.  Controls include power, timer, buttons for the four light modes, and buttons to control the brightness.  All buttons are touch sensitive.  The four light color temperatures are labeled for their recommended use and include work, read, relax, and sleep.  You can see an example of each in that order below.

Euffy_Lumos_A3 (6) IMG_2366Euffy_Lumos_A3 (7)Euffy_Lumos_A3 (8)

I love the ability to adjust the light over my nightstand or towards my bed.  I also like the various options of color temperature and brightness so I can adjust the light to my situation.  For instance if I need a lot of light I set the color temperature to work and the brightness to max.  If I am using the light to read I set the color temperature to read and the brightness just below max.  When I first go to bed I often check the news one last time on my phone before going to sleep in which case I lower the brightness to the minimum and set the color temperature to sleep which is the most yellow light.  This mode is best at night as it removes all blue hues from the light which have been proven to keep you awake.  The light diffuser and guiding plate create a nice even light dispersion unlike many other lights that create hot spots of light.  Having a USB port on my night stand is a nice added bonus for when I need to charge anything other than my watch or phone which I have wireless chargers for.  Using a USB multi-meter I tested the USB port for maximum charge rate which was 2.14A, just above its rated max of 2.1A.

Euffy_Lumos_A3 (9) Euffy_Lumos_A3 (10) Euffy_Lumos_A3 (11)The Eufy Lumos A3 is hands down the best LED lamp I have had the opportunity to review.  It is also an awesome start for Anker’s new sister company.  If the trend continues with Eufy like it has with Anker, the included 18 month warranty will most likely not be needed, but if it is, I have no doubt that you will receive nothing but the best customer service experience.  I hope this is just the beginning and Eufy continues to provide high quality products at great prices.

If you are interested in purchasing the Eufy Lumos A3 it can be found here.

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