NINISEI_Smart_Bulb (7) NINISEI_Smart_Bulb (6) NINISEI_Smart_Bulb (5) NINISEI_Smart_Bulb (4) NINISEI_Smart_Bulb (3) NINISEI_Smart_Bulb (2)The NINISEI Smart LED Bulb is a Bluetooth controlled bulb capable of not only emitting light but also playing music through its built in amp and speakers.  The bulb consumes a total of 9W of power with the RGB LED using 6W and the audio amplifier using 3W.  The bulb is controlled through an app that is available for iOS and Android devices.  THe app allows you to change the color and intensity of the light.  The bulb can connect to your device as a Bluetooth speaker allowing you to play sounds from any app.

The NINISEI bulb does pretty well as a standard light source unlike many of the audio bulbs on the market.  It produces a bright white light and has similar output to other 6 and 7W bulbs I have tested.  The bulb is rated to produce 7 colors but I believe it is much more capable than that.  As for sound output it gets plenty loud to fill an average room with sound.  The sound quality of the bulb is not that good.  It lacks in higher frequencies.  I believe this is because the higher the frequency the more directional it needs to be.  With the bulb firing into a sound dispersing cone, it is hard for it to direct the higher frequencies.  Chances are this will not be used for its sound quality but more for background noise or just to have fun with which it will more than succeed at.

Overall this is a well made bulb capable of producing just about any color and provide a discrete source for background music.  If nothing else it is just fun to play with.

If you are interested in purchasing this bulb it can be found here.

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