iClever_BoostSound_Speaker (2) iClever_BoostSound_Speaker (5) iClever_BoostSound_Speaker (4) iClever_BoostSound_Speaker (3)The iClever SoundBoost is a compact yet very capable portable Bluetooth Speaker.  It is slightly bigger than a dollar bill and just over an inch thick.  It is constructed almost entirely of aluminum.  It house two 1,800 mAh batteries, two 45mm drivers, and two passive radiators.  It features a 10W amp to drive both speakers, Bluetooth 4.0, IPX5 water resistant rating, and a one year warranty.  Included with the speaker is an aux cable, micro-USB cable, user manual, and a wrist strap.

When it comes to functionality the SoundBoost covers all the bases.  It can play music via Bluetooth or aux. input, can control play functions and calls from the speaker, and has a mic for hands free calling.  The mic on the speaker works as well as most Bluetooth speakers.  As long as you do not crank the volume while in a call it works well.  As for sound output, the SoundBoost gets very loud for its size.  Much louder than you would expect given it’s size.  The sound quality produced by the SoundBoost is surprising as well.  At low volumes the highs are clear, mids are smooth, and thanks to the dual radiators digs down surprisingly low in the lower frequencies.  As you turn the volume up the speaker starts to lose some control but still sounds decent until about 90% volume where it starts to lose quite a bit of detail.  At this point the speaker is louder than most people will listen to it at.  Some of this I believe is a trade off of the small enclosure.  With a larger enclosure I believe it would have better control at these high volumes.

At the end of the day this is a great Bluetooth speaker that is more than worth its very affordable price.  It will give many speakers costing twice as much a run for the money.  With it’s great sound at normal listening levels, IPX5 water resistance rating, and inclusion of a one year warranty it is very easy to recommend the iClever SoundBoost.

If you are interested in purchasing this speaker it can be found here.

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