Cheeringary_iPhone_6_Plus_Battery_Case (2) Cheeringary_iPhone_6_Plus_Battery_Case (3)The Cheeringary iPhone 6\6s Plus battery case is among many cases to attempt to extend your battery life without being too cumbersome.  This case is one of the best attempts I have seen to date.  Installing a phone in the case is as simple as removing the top, sliding the phone into it, and then replacing the top.  The phone fits nice and snug in this case and the design of the buttons allows them to feel very close to the original buttons.  The case also provides access to the vibration slider, camera, and headphone jack, although some headphones may not work with the case installed.  This is the first battery case I have tested that does not add a bug chin to the bottom of the phone which is a great feature.  This case also does not alter the sound of the loud speaker nearly as much as many battery cases.

Charging the 8000mAh will take some time as it can only charge at a rated 0.8A.  Slow charging should equate to a longer lifespan but keep this in mind when charging.  The 8,000mAh case should allow your phone to last 2.5 times longer than usual which is what I experienced throughout my testing.  The case has a power button and four LED indicators on the back to indicate charge level.  The power button is used to check the charge level as well as turning the battery case off and on.  Another great feature of this case is the Lightning port on the bottom.  Unlike many other charge cases that use a micro-USB cable for charging, this case has a standard Lightning port which means you will not have to purchase new cables.  This Lightning Port also allows for data pass through so you will not need to remove the case when connecting it to a computer.  While this case is designed to extend your battery life, it also does a great job of protecting the phone.  All sides of the phone as well as the entire back are protected and it has a nice lip around the screen to protect it as well.

Overall this is a great battery case, and definitely at the top of my list of favorites.  The only con is that it is only available in gold and rose gold.  I wish their was a more neutral color available such as black, gray, or white.

If you are interested in purchasing this battery case it can be found here.

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