techelec_micro_usb_6-2 techelec_micro_usb_3-3 techelec_micro_usb_3-2The TechElec micro-USB charging cables are available in black or gold at lengths of 1M or 2M.  The plugs have a sleek metal body with molded plastic strain reliefs.  The black cables are an exposed braided Nylon while the gold cables are Nylon braided and then Teflon coated.  The cables come with a one year warranty.

The Nylon coating on these cables allows them to hold up to daily abuse with ease.  The connectors fit snug and are slim enough to work with every case that I tried.  The cables are rated to carry 2.4A.  The most demanding device I have to test with only pulls 2.1A which these cables had no problem delivering.  Overall these are well made cables that do their jobs well while looking great.

If you are interested in purchasing these cables they are available in black here and gold here.

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