techelec_vr_headset-5 techelec_vr_headset-4 techelec_vr_headset-3 techelec_vr_headset-2The TechElec 3D VR Headset is among many in an ever growing market of passive VR headsets.  This headset uses your mobile phone for the display and computing power.  It is constructed mostly of plastic and features soft velour padding everywhere that it touches your face as well as the back portion of the head strap.

To insert your phone you simply fold down the front portion which is held closed by magnets.  Inside you will find a spring loaded clamp mechanism to hold your phone inside.  The design is nice, and it had no problem holding the phone in place, but the closure did not allow my Nexus 6 or iPhone 6s Plus to be used as the clamps landed where the volume rocker resides, regardless of orientation.  I feel that this is a poor design and should be replaced with a similar mechanism that only holds the phone in the center like many other headsets.

Once a phone has been mounted you can close the front and place the headset on your head.  Next you will want to adjust the focus by turning a knob on either side of the headset.  You can also adjust the spacing between lenses by turning a knob on top of the headset.  If you are playing a game or using an app that requires the use of your phones camera, the front of the headset can be removed to allow exposure to your camera.

Other than the poorly designed mounting mechanism this is a great headset.  Other than that single flaw this is actually my favorite VR headset of the many I have tested.  I hope that TechElec redesigns the mounting mechanism which would make this headset very easy to recommend.

If you are interested in purchasing this headset it can be found here.

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