btopllc_iphone_6_3500mah_batter_case-3 btopllc_iphone_6_3500mah_batter_case-2The Btopllc iPhone 6s battery case is made of hard plastic with a soft touch coating. The top portion slides off to allow you to slide your phone into the case and on to the lightning connector.  On the front their is a power button which can be used to turn the charging off or on and also to display the charge level via four LED indicators.  On the bottom of the case is a lightning port that can be used to charge the battery as well as the phone.  This is unique as many third party battery cases use a micro-USB port for charging.  Also along the bottom are holes to allow the sound to escape the case from the iPhone’s down firing speaker as well as an opening for the headphone jack that is on the small side and will limit your headphone choices.  Their are openings for all the buttons as well as the silence slider.  On the right side of the case is a USB port to allow you to use the battery case to charge another device which is a nice feature.  On the back of the case is a small kick stand that it oddly placed next to the camera.  It will get the job done in a pinch but is not very sturdy.

The case houses a 3500mAh battery which will allow you to get almost two times the battery life as you would from the phone alone.  Charging the case and phone simultaneously from almost dead will take about 10 hours depending on the charger you use.  In this case, no pun intended, you are much better off using an after market charger rated for at least 2A.  Other than the small headphone jack and flimsy kick stand this case does its job very well.  It is easy to install and once installed holds the phone very well and keeps it safe.  Another advantage of the lightning port on the case is its ability to pass data so you can sync with iTunes without removing the case.

Overall this is a nice case that gets most things right.  I can get over the flimsy kickstand but do wish they had included a short headphone extension like some other cases include.

If you are interested in purchasing the Btopllc iPhone 6s Battery Case it can be found here.

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