torchstar_gu24_bulb-1The TORCHSTAR GU24 base LED Bulb has a traditional A19 shape.  The bulb I tested is 3000K in color temperature and rated to use only 9W while producing a 310* light output.  It is able to dim down to 10% using any standard dimmer switch.   GU24 base LED bulbs are much harder to find many other style bulbs and of the ones I have tested this bulb has become my favorite.

I installed the bulb in a bathroom fixture alongside of another famous maker LED bulb.  Both bulbs are 3000K color temperature and rated at 9W.  In the picture the TORCHSTAR is on the right.   As you can see in the picture it is slightly brighter and disperses the light more evenly than its competitor.

Overall I am very happy with this bulb.  It is made well and efficiently puts out a lot of light.  On top of working well the light has a three year warranty.

If you are interested in purchasing this bulb it can be found here.

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