powerspa-2The PowerSpa Luxury Hand Shower is a 4-inch hand held or mountable shower head.  It features a 72-inch spiraled hose and a plastic mount at standard shower height.  The handheld portion of the shower head is made of plastic but feels extremely well made.  Their is a pause switch on the handle so that you can turn the water flow off to conserve water while lathering.  The head features seven different flow patterns ranging from a gentle mist to a hard pulsating massage.  Modes are easy to change using a rotating adjuster on the back side of the shower head.

Included with the showerhead is the hose, mount, and plumbers tape.  Installation was extremely easy.  Once I had the plumbers tape wrapped around all  threaded connections and made sure all o-rings were in place, I threaded the mount on, connected the hose, and then connected the head to the hose.  Once all connections had been double checked I checked for leaks.

My favorite thing about this shower head is that it seems to have more water pressure than any other shower head I have used in the past.  I like that their are seven settings to choose from that range greatly in pressure and pattern.  This choice of different water flow should please anyone.  I also like the 72-inch has as it allows you to move around a lot should you need to.

Overall this is a very nice shower head that looks nice and is easy to install. The ability to save water using the pause switch as well as choosing between seven different flow patterns is a nice bonus.

If you are interested in purchasing this shower head it can be found here.


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