The PowerSpa 6-inch Rainfall Showerhead is constructed mostly of plastic.  included with the showerhead is a 12-inch adjustable extension with large plastic wing nuts, plumbers tape, and an extra o-ring.  Installation of the showerhead is fairly simple.  I used the included plumbers tape to make a few wraps around all threaded connections.  I then made sure all o-rings were in place and assembled the pieces starting with the extension pole.  Once the extension pole was hand tight I adjusted it roughly where I wanted it and then installed the head by hand tightening the threads.  Once everything was together I made adjustments and double checked every connection to make sure they were tight.  All that is left is to test for leaks which I had none.

The extension arm is made well but I wish the wing nuts were made of metal instead of plastic.  I feel over time the wing nuts may become brittle, but only time will tell.  Unfortunately the showerhead is constructed of the same plastic as the wing nuts.  At least the showerhead will night need to be moved often, stressing the plastic parts.  Once turned on the showerhead creates numerous thick and heavy streams of water like you are standing in a rain shower.  While I am not a fan of this style I can see how many people will like it.  The showerhead held a consistent amount of water pressure and overall worked very well.

I am quite happy with the performance of this showerhead but am not thrilled with the build quality.  It may last for ever, only time will tell, but I would liked to have seen more parts made of metal.

If you are interested in purchasing this showerhead it can be found here.

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