iwawa_portable_handheld_arcade-4 iwawa_portable_handheld_arcade-3 iwawa_portable_handheld_arcade-2The iWawa Portable Arcade is about the size of a deck of cards but offers over 150 retro style games.  It is powered by three AAA batteries that are not included.  A mini screwdriver to open the battery door and a lanyard are included.

The controls on the Portable Arcade are very similar to the controls on the original Nintendo.  Navigating between the games is slow but easy to do.  Most of the games are simple and can be played without too much thought.  If you are someone looking for complex games, this system is not for you.  If you are looking for an inexpensive way to keep a kid entertained, this is perfect.

Overall the iWawa Portable Arcade is built well and functions exactly as you would expect.  The ability to carry over 150 games in such a small and inexpensive device is really nice.

If you are interested in purchasing an iWawa Portable Arcade, it can be found here.

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