honstek_x13_headset-2The Honstek X13 Bluetooth Headphones are a behind the neck, ear bud style headphones.  Included with them is a short charging cable, user manual, four different size ear tips, and a support information card.  The headphones are slightly on the large side as far as ear buds go.  The reason for them being slightly larger is because each earpiece contains a battery.  This equates to a rate 16 hours of use or 160 hours of stand by time which is pretty awesome.  One ear bud has an LED indicator light with three buttons which consist of volume up/skip forward, volume down/skip back, and play/pause/answer/end.  The other ear bud has a micro-USB charging port, NFC transmitter, and microphone.

Considering that these ear buds have so much tech packed into them; dual batteries, Bluetooth 4.1, Apt-X, NFC, etc, they manage to remain light.  Taking the time to find the correct ear tips and utilizing the ear loops, make these headphones fit well and remain comfortable.  The odd shape of them doesn’t actually look bad once they are placed in the ears as well.  As for sound, they get plenty loud and sound good enough.  These headphones will not win any awards for sound quality, but at the same time they do not sound bad.  If you are buying these to be active in, which is what they are designed for, the good fit, comfort, and ability to get loud far over weigh the sound quality.

Overall I am very happy with these sport headphones.  I like that even after hours of active listening they remain comfortable.  They have great noise cancellation on the mic front so they work very well for calls.  I also like that they will last a week for most people that are using these only for when they are working out.

If you are interested in purchasing these headphones they can be found here.

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