honstek_g6_gaming_headset-6 honstek_g6_gaming_headset-5 honstek_g6_gaming_headset-4 honstek_g6_gaming_headset-3 honstek_g6_gaming_headset-2The Honstek G6 Gaming Headset is a feature packed and durable headset.  It is constructed almost entirely of plastic.  It features a spring style headband that adjusts to your head to create the perfect fit.  The headband is extremely flexible and should handle quite a bit of abuse.  The long cable is nylon braided and teflon coated with metal connectors and robust tension reliefs.  The headset has a total of three connectors, one for audio, one for the microphone, and a USB connector to provide power to LED lights and the vibration motors and electronics in each ear cup.  Each ear cup houses a 50mm driver and has well padded cushions that are soft enough to create a great seal and remain comfortable for hours of listening.  The left ear cup has a retractable microphone as well as two dials, one for volume and one to control the vibration intensity.  That’s right, this headset vibrates with the bass which is not only great for gamin but movies and music as well.

The microphone in the headset works very well, the ability to adjust it it really helps with voice pickup.  The 50mm drivers in the headset produce a ton of output and stay pretty flat even when the volume is cranked to 11.  They have a nice rolloff in the upper frequencies and do a decent job in the low end department.  With the vibration intensity turned up it allows you to take advantage of the sub 40hz sounds often found in EDM and hip hop music.  It also allows you to literally feel the explosions and gunshots while gaming or watching a movie.  I am impressed by how flat the G6 stays even when taking into account the vibration.  I expected them to be bass heavy and bright sounding like many headphones that boast about bass.  The only disadvantage I found with the bass vibration is that it is a little weak below ~28hz, not that their is much below that in music, movies, or games anyway.

Overall this is an awesome gaming headset and a lot of fun when listening to music.  The retractable mic, good sound quality, and durable build only add to the headsets abilities, combined with a six month warranty it is very easy to recommend the Honstek G6 Gaming Headset.

If you are interested in purchasing this headset it can be found here.


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