etrech_remote_led_bulb-6 etrech_remote_led_bulb-8 etrech_remote_led_bulb-7 etrech_remote_led_bulb-5 etrech_remote_led_bulb-3 etrech_remote_led_bulb-2 etrech_remote_led_bulb-1The Etrech Remote LED Bulb uses a standard E27 base and is similar to the extremely common A19 bulb shape although slightly taller.  It is rated at 10W and features an RGB Led capable of producing 16 colors.  The remote offers options for all 16 colors, brightness adjustment, power control, and four different modes.  The four different modes are constant on, breathing, strobe, and cycling through the colors.

The first thing that I noticed about the bulb is the height.  It is just tall enough that it may not work in all light fixtures.  Once installed and powered on I quickly realized that it is not bright, certainly not 10W bright.  Compared to a 7W LED bulb you can barely even tell that it is powered on.  The remote control works from a reasonable distance and had no problem cycling the bulb through all 16 colors, adjusting the brightness, and turning it on and off.  The problems came when trying to switch between the different modes.  Sometime it would work without an issue, while other times it would take minutes to change or get stuck in a flashing fit that may cause some people to have a seizure.

I really wanted to like this light as it is one of the few bulbs of this type that I have tested with a standalone remote.  Many other bulbs require you to use an app on your phone which is not always practical.  I hope that Etrech is able to work the bugs out and release a revised version of the bulb, but until then I have a hard time recommending it.

If you are interested in purchasing this bulb it can be found here.

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