akally_gaming_headset-3 akally_gaming_headset-2 akally_gaming_headset-1The Akally Gaming headset is also sold under the Kotion Each and YSSHUI brands. It uses a 3.5mm plug for both audio and mic connections and has LED lights that are powered by a USB connection.  All functions can be used without plugging them into a USB port. This allows them to be used with a multitude of devices including phones, tablets, TVs, and gaming systems. The headset is constructed almost entirely of plastic and at first glance and even after handling them they feel cheap. This is an instance where you should not judge a book by its cover though. The plastic build keeps them light which helps when wearing them for an extended period. The headband is extremely flexible and has a very plush cushion on the underside where it rests on your head. The ear cups have well padded cushions that are a little on the firm side. They are not comfortable but do not provide as good of a seal as I would like. The cable is Nylon braided and all connectors are robust. About 18in down the cable is a large controller which has a switch to turn the mic on and off as well as a volume dial.

The microphone on the headset works fairly well but has little to no noise cancellation.  The speakers in the headset have more than ample output.  Even when plugged into a phone they can get more than loud enough.  As far as sound quality they impress for for the price.  The bass is a little on the heavy side and they lack some detail in the higher frequencies, but in general they sound pretty good.  The heavy bass may be proffered by many for EDM or hip hop music as well as for action games.  The lack in detail in the upper frequencies may prevent you from hearing footsteps or soft noises while gaming though so keep that in mind.  Regardless, these sound better than most computer speakers and built in speakers in TVs and monitors.

Overall the Akally Gaming Headset is an awesome budget headset for both gaming and listening to music.  The included audio splitter allows this headset to work on a wide range of devices.  I feel that you cannot go wrong with this headset.

If you are interested in purchasing this headset it can be found here.

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