infinilla_dual_charger-1 infinilla_dual_charger-6 infinilla_dual_charger-5 infinilla_dual_charger-4 infinilla_dual_charger-3 infinilla_dual_charger-2The Infinilla Dual USB Charger is a compact folding charger that is rated to output up to 4.8A across its two USB charging ports.  Included with the charger is a well made and extremely convenient micro-USB/Lightning combo charging cable and a user manual.

The charger is not much larger than a standard iPad charger but is rated for over 2x the power of one.  Throughout my testing I was not able to get 2.4A out of a single port but I was able to get a constant 2.35A @ 4.92V which is within reason for the specs of the charger.  It had no problem charging two iPads and was able to charge my Nexus 6 at 2.1A.  The output voltage sat at 4.92V when under a load and would quickly drop to 0V with no load which is exactly how it should be.

Overall this is a very capable charger that worked consistently throughout my testing.  The included cable is well made and a nice addition to a great charger.  If you are in the market for a two part charger I recommend taking a look at the Infinilla.

If you are interested in this charger it can be found here.

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