homasy_clip_fan-3 homasy_clip_fan-2 homasy_clip_fan-1The Homasy Battery Powered Clip Fan is a small portable fan that is powered by an 18650 rechargeable battery.  Included with the fan is a battery, micro-USB charging cable, and a user manual.  The fan utilizes a unique base that allows it to sit on a flat surface or to be clamped to something.  This allows the fan to be used just about anywhere.  Power and speed of the fan is controlled by spinning a control on the back of the fan.  Also on the back of the fan is a battery door and micro-USB charging port.

The battery in the fan is rated to last for 2-6 hours depending on the speed you have it set at.  Throughout my testing I found it to last longer than two hours even when leaving the fan at max speed.  I like that the fan can be charged using a micro-USB cable and any 5V charger as it will work with any modern phone charger.  The unique base with the built in clip is very convenient when you do not have a place to set the fan, you can simply clip it onto something.  When using the base of the fan on a flat surface and running the fan at full speed I had no issues with vibrations or the fan “walking” across the desk.

Overall this is a great fan with features making it very convenient to use just about anywhere.  It is small and light enough that it is easy to throw in a bag and take it with you. The inclusion of a 12 month warranty makes this fan a no brainer.

If you are interested in purchasing this fan it can be found here.

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