img_1889The GDEALER Solar String Lights are made up of 30 warm white LED crystal balls over a 20ft cable.  At the end you will find a small controller box that has a solar panel on one side and two switches on the opposite side.  One switch is used to power the lights on and off while the second switch is used to change between constant light and flashing light.  The entire setup is completely waterproof.  Included with the lights is a stand to mount the solar panel and keep it off the ground if you are using them in a garden or around a walkway.

Overall the lights are made very well and easily last overnight after a sunny day.  I had no problems with these lights at all throughout my testing.  The fact that they do not have to be plugged in allows the possibilities to be endless as far as where you use them.

If you are interested in these lights they can be found here.

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