Tomoko_Mechanical_Feel_Gaming_Keyboard (1) Tomoko_Mechanical_Feel_Gaming_Keyboard (2)The TOMOKO Mechanical Feel Gaming Keyboard is a fully programmable full size keyboard with an additional six buttons on the left side.  It is constructed of plastic but is much heavier than you would expect a plastic keyboard to be.  Included with the keyboard is a removable, plastic, arm rest that is held on by plastic clips and two magnetic pins, and a mini software CD.  The keyboard features a long USB cable which is nice to have.  The keyboard features 26 key anti-ghosting, seven color LED back lighting, media function keys, five programmable G keys, and macro functionality.

The base of the keyboard is plastic and looks like many glow in the dark plastics I have seen in the past.  I am not a fan of this because it does not look very nice when it is not lit up.  Once it is lit this colored plastic allows the light to have a nice even glow throughout the base of the keyboard.  This keyboard is a membrane keyboard that is meant to feel like a mechanical keyboard.  In my opinion the feel of the keys are most like Cherry MX Clear mechanical switches.  They have a medium weight and spring back very quickly.  They have a similar travel to many other mechanical keyboards I have used.  If you are looking for the clicky, tactile feel of blue switches, you will be disappointed.  One advantage to the keys being membrane is that they are almost silent.  The keyboard software is easy to install and use.  It gives you the ability to program each individual key to do exactly what you want.  Thanks to the LEDs the keyboard can be back-lit with sevon different colors and can be set to a solid light or pulsing.  You also have the option to turn the LEDs off completely.

Overall the keyboard is made very well and feels solid.  They membrane switches do a decent job of simulating the feel of mechanical keys.  The included one year warranty provides a nice peace of mind.  I have a hrad time recommending this keyboard solely because it does not look that great with the LEDs off and for not much more you can purchase a TOMOKO mechanical keyboard that has all the options minus the LEDs, that will perform and feel much better.

If you are interested in purchasing this keyboard it can be found here.

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